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14th February 2016.

  Number 99.  


This page is regularly updated  to carry all the latest news about Shelvoke & Drewry - its products its former employees and those who have an interest in its history.


As from 27th January 2016
The SD Enthusiasts' Club is on Face book as an experiment to find out whether this is a way forward.
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Each Quarter a Newsletter section is published on the Website which remains for six months. The Spring 2016 issue will be found by clicking on the links. In the magazine you will find the following and much, much more:-


'On the Dust'.

Described as a 'bookazine' Malcolm Bates' publication by Vintage Roadscene is a valuable addition to the literature available on refuse collection vehicles. You'll find details on Page 6 of the Newsletter.


A reader's photo has sent us back to local government reorganisation of 1974 and thoughts of the future have prompted a look back to the closure of Shelvoke's in 1991.



With the capacity to lift 26 tonnes the model DT48 T 26 gave a whole new meaning to 'Heavy Duty'. It's such a shame that only one was ever produced.


If you have been in touch with me by e-mail and have changed your address will you please let me know. Each quarter I send reminders that the latest magazine is on this website and a number fail to deliver because the address is no longer in use. Please let me have your up to date e-mail address.


Shelvokes feature in four British Pathe News video clips. Go to:-



This shows the Freightlifter being demonstrated in 1953.

Here you will find the parking experiment using a Freightlifter Model 72.




From 1958 'Unlikely Angels' tells how Manchester's dustmen were recruited to assist Social Services in discovering the needs of elderly residents. The film depicts a 'W' series with Chelsea type body.


A 'T' series Pakamatic from Litchfield is featured in 'Rubbish - It's Not So Dusty'. Litchfield had specified a wash hand basin in the cab of this Pakamatic.





Towards the end of August 2010 a 1/76th scale (OO) model of S&D's 'W' type Fore & Aft tipper became available in the livery of West Lothian as shown on the left.

The finely detailed model is a great credit to Oxford Diecast's expertise and I'm sure will be a "must buy" for anyone with an interest in Shelvoke & Drewry. Surprisingly inexpensive for a quality model. For more details see :-

The model is now available also in the livery of West Bromwich, Manchester, Coventry and the City of London

Towards the end of 2015 Ruby Toys introduced a model of the SD 'W' type  as shown right. Based on Michael Coopers' preserved vehicle with a replica Chelsea type body. John Hope of Ruby Toys states that he aims to produce the Dinky Toys that Dinky failed to produce. For details go to   




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I try to check the links given on this website monthly, and have recently removed a few as the websites no longer appear to be operational. It is difficult to ensure that links remain valid as websites are withdrawn from time to time. I hope visitors will find the information they're seeking by following these links. If not please e-mail me at the address given below.


When I started this website in 2002 a Google search for Shelvoke & Drewry produced just twenty or so references to the Company. Over the years the Internet has expanded to such an extent that a Google search today produces around 400 references from the U.K. alone and over 2,400 from the world-wide web. It is no longer possible for this site to attempt to give links to all these websites. Many have items of great interest, whilst others contain considerable inaccuracies. I have attempted to have these inaccuracies corrected where a contact address is given. I also give links to the more interesting sites.

Photographs of Shelvoke & Drewry vehicles are now numerous on the Internet, and it is not the purpose of this website to carry too many photos especially out of sympathy for those accessing the Internet via the slower dial-up process.

I do hope that readers will join me in trying to get inaccuracies eliminated from the Internet. After all it's intended as a source of information not misinformation.

Over 35,000 visits have been made to the website since we began counting in August 2002. With 2,047 visits in 2015. Your comments, news and views are always appreciated. If you have enjoyed this website please e-mail me at :-

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 Brian Carpenter 14th February 2016 . 

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